Variously known as "Pearl of the Orient" and a "Tourist Paradise", the state of Goa is located on the western coast of India in the coastal belt known as Konkan.The magnificent scenic beauty and the architectural splendours of its temples, churches and old houses have made Goa a firm favourite with travellers around the world.

But then, Goa is much more than just beaches and sea. It has a soul which goes deep into unique history, rich culture and some of the prettiest natural scenery that India has to offer.Much of the real Goa is in its interiors, both inside its buildings and in the hinterland away from the coastal area.

Behind all the modern beaches and tourist attractions is the “real” Goa which has been affected by all vices that come with uncontrolled and irresponsible tourism. The Goan society gets affected by a number of tourism inflicted socio-economic evils issues like prostitution, human trafficking, HIV/AIDS epidemic, alcohol abuse and poverty. This makes Goa a very needy area for social development and service from organisations and therefore interns that choose to work here will assist the people of Goa that everyone of the thousands of tourists here end up ignoring.