Work with Camels


IECE offers a unique opportunity to work with Camels in the city of Bikaner, also called The Camel City. India Edulearning Cultural Exchange offers this possibility to experience life in city of Bikaner, observe Indian small town lifestyle from close quarters and work with camels along with chance to be involved in many exciting Indian cultural workshops. Not to forget to experience camel safari at the beautiful sand dunes, wildlife safari and many more exhilarating action packed activities.

The camel is an important animal component of the fragile desert eco-system. With its unique bio-physiological characteristics, the camel has become an icon of adaptation to challenging ways of living in arid and semi-arid regions. The proverbial Ship of Desert earned its epithet on account of its indispensability as a mode of transportation and draught power in desert but the utilities are many and are subject to continuous social and economic changes. The camel has played a significant role in civil law and order, defense and battles from the ancient times till date. The world famous Ganga-Risala of erstwhile Bikaner State was accepted as Imperial Service Troup and participated in World War I and II. The camel helped the engineers while constructing the Indira Gandhi Canal in Western part of Rajasthan. Presently, the camel corps constitutes an important wing of Border Security Force of Indian Para-Military Services.


Camel Institute:

Work with prestigious institute on camels which focuses on the following issues: Genetic improvement of indigenous camels through conventional and molecular means  for increasing production and productivity; Development of human resource in the area of camel health and husbandry and linkages of national and international resources; Development of appropriate camel management practices both for prevailing and impending climate change scenario; Feed resource inventerization and upscaling feeding technology for improving production; Management of camel diseases through surveillance, sero-monitoring, prophylactic and control measures; Post-harvest processing and value addition of different camel products adhering to safety and quality parameters; Camel reproduction and physiological efficiency improvement to support optimal production; Assessment of draftability of camel, energy budgeting and utilization in different spheres of transportation, farm operation and power generation; Adaptation of camel to climatic changes in relation to temperature, humidity index - research on stress physiology.


Role and tasks:

Assessment of growth performance of camel calves under different feeding regimes 
and plugging production gaps through strategic supplementation of limiting nutrients.

Evaluation and marker assisted selection for economic traits (faster growth, early maturity and higher milk production) of camel.

Studies on qualitative and quantitative genetic parameters in Indian camel

Molecular genetic studies in Indian camel including double humped camel

Gene mining for abiotic and biotic stress and application of molecular markers like HSP to assess heat tolerance capacity of camel.

Shelter management research in view of impending climatic changes.

Nutritional and managemental approaches to address the issues of adaptation under different environments.

Complete profiling of haemato-biochemical, hormonal, enzymatic and mineral status of camel at different stages of growth, pregnancy & lactation

Assessment of camel energy during cart pulling & agricultural operations.

Power generation through camel energy. P
rocessing, value addition and commercialization of different camel products and by-products.

Evaluation of camel milk for its therapeutic value and its value as functional food.

Training of camel keepers/farmers on the art and science of camel husbandry. Knowledge process dissemination through Kisan mela, Kisan gosthi, animal fairs, print & electronic media.


Evening/ Weekend Activities:

Sightseeing of Bikaner town and nearby area: Junagarh fort, Bikaner fort, Gajner Lake, Jain temple: Bhandasar, Lalgrah Palace, Prachina Bikaner Cultural Centre, Ganga Government Museum.

Workshop on Heena, Saree tying, Indian Cooking, Bollywood dancing

Visit to a local Host family

egular Yoga classes and Introductory Hindi language learning classes

Camel Safari with Wild Life tour

amel Safari with Bird Watching Spots

Village home stays

Walking Tours

Flora (Botanical Tours),

Jeep Safari; Snake Spotting & Photography tours