Why Internship in India

With India being one of the fastest growing economies, many multinationals plan to enter Indian markets or are already in India and are working towards making their mark here. Many medium sized companies and large sized organizations are working towards reconsolidation, restructuring, automation and Process development. Many Indian business sectors are witnessing a good growth and have bright future.
For example, it is boom time for India’s Tourism and hospitality sector. A 5000 year old history, culture, religion, and alternative medicine fascinate both budget as well as luxury travelers alike.
What is the one thing that can be blindly tagged with the rising face of India? No points for guessing, it is information technology. Indian IT has been crowned with glory, unimaginable fame and choicest superlatives. The Indian IT sector persists to be one of the flourishing sectors of Indian financial system indicating a speedy expansion in the coming years.
The India Software Industry has brought about a tremendous success for the emerging economy. The software industry is the main component of the Information technology in India. The Indian software industry is remarkable in a number of respects. It is service rather than product oriented; heavily export oriented, and is largely managed by professional and entrepreneurial managements.
The Business Process Outsourcing industry in India has acquired a gigantic proportion in terms of providing remarkable career opportunities for skilled professionals seeking a corporate job under flexible working environment.
The second most populous country, with multiple religions thriving, India is an incredibly diverse and vibrant country. From bustling cities to quaint rural areas, snow capped mountains to beautiful beaches; from the famed Taj Mahal to numerous historical monuments, India has mystified and fascinated visitors for centuries. Even though India is going through a rapid change, India being one of the fastest growing economies, it faces the challenge of increase in poverty, with widening gap in the rich and poor class. This makes internships at Social organisation or with a non government organisation equally appealing like any other business internship.
Interns are invited to IECE internships in India to gain experience about how this country is coping with various social issues in these changing times and is able still able to be one of the fasted growing economy.
IECE offers internship at various locations in India, including rural as well urban locations. Depending on the internship type and best exposure which can be gained in a given working environment, internship location and organisation of a candidate is decided. 
Most of the business internships are located in big towns and metropolitan cities, where businesses are located. Most of the art and humanities are spread over big towns and small towns depending on topic of interest. Social internships are mostly based in small towns and rural areas, as IECE believes in working with grass root level organizations that provide meaningful placements.
Irrespective of your location of placement, IECE provides a high level of support in terms of orientation, accommodation, meals, cultural workshops, language lessons and 24 x 7 coordinator support to help you with in case of any emergency.