Volunteer Projects

One of the important aims of IECE is to work on social issues relating to education, healthcare, child care, Women empowerment, gender inequalities, and holistic community development with help of volunteers and local grass root organizations. Volunteers from various parts of the world join hands in our endeavor and lend a hand to achieve our developmental milestones one by one. In the process volunteers also learn various cultural aspects, get to know local people and observe Indian customs and traditions from close quarters.

Volunteers work at variety of projects collectively carried out by various organisations and institutions. Volunteer assistance is critical to social development projects, as volunteers bring with them enthusiasm, skill sets, talent, various abilities which along with their dedication, love and care, culminate into long term sustainable change for local people. We work with grass roots projects that have evolved to meet real needs in the local community - so you can be sure that you will be contributing your time to a worthwhile and rewarding cause, and can make a meaningful contribution to its growth and future well being. Volunteers support local government organizations to enhance the social services provided to the community, volunteers support IECE’s independent social development projects or IECE’s partner non-profit organization’s projects.


Volunteer Project Locations are:

IECE is currently working in New Delhi, Jaipur, rural areas of Rajasthan and Kolkata city. All program locations, have lot to offer culturally, and are distinct in their experience.  IECE ensures that each participant goes back with numerous culturally rich experiences, knowledge about Indian society,   people and friends for life!!

Volunteer Projects offered are:

-          Teaching Volunteering

-          Street Children Projects

-          Orphanage Assistance

-          Child Care

-          Women Empowerment

-          Medical and Health Care

-          HIV/ AIDs Prevention and Care

-          Mentally Challenged Children Project

-          Sports and Physical Education

-          Immigrant Community projects

-          Construction and Renovation Projects

-          Slum Area projects

  Community Development


"I had a positive experience working with street children. The children were all lovely and charming. They made me think "