Social Development Internships

Social Service Internships offer a unique opportunity for motivated interns to engage in the active and critical sectors of social work, health, and education. Over 300 million people live below the poverty line in India and a variety of health, child welfare, and educational challenges continue to stand in the way of positive change. Undergraduate and graduate students interested in social work, education, or medicine will gain essential knowledge in their field while making a valuable contribution to the lives of those most in need. Work placements at the grass-root level will engage interns while working directly with the children, families, and rural communities, or at management and administrative level. Internships focused in the following areas are available through the extensive partner network of IECE, customizable by individual preference or academic requirement.

Activities: During the internships, interns will be engaged in a variety of activities that are required by the internship placement organization, including some of the following:

a.       Service delivery (i.e. medical care, educational instruction, community advocacy, client tracking, group workshop facilitation)

b.      Research and development of prospective program initiatives

c.       Data collection and analysis for evaluation of program activities

d.      Report writing and project proposal preparation

Areas of engagement:

IECE places interns in projects related to social work, health, and education in the following areas of interest and intervention. The scope of these projects is continually expanded on the basis of community needs and prospective interns’ requirements. Please note that many individual placements may involve work with more than one of these broadly defined categories. If you are interested in expanding or combining focuses in more than one area listed below, please indicate your preferences when you apply

Public Health Promote health and hygiene knowledge to communities through awareness campaigns, community meetings, social events, and family visits. Issues such as HIV awareness and prevention, adequate childhood nutrition, and women’s health and reproductive issues, will be at the forefront of most public health initiatives. (Ideal for students interested in career in preventative medicine or public health and polic

  Medical Care & Treatment
Work in hospitals, rural clinics, and managed-care residential programs. Shadow and assist health providers in the delivery of medical care and treatment to a variety of patients. Gain a deeper insight into health issues in a developing country and cost-effective medical treatment interventions. (Ideal for aspiring doctors or nurses).

 Orphanage Wor
Work in a rural or urban orphanage run by non-government, not-for-profit organizations, mentoring and tutoring children, organizing recreational events, and providing administrative assistance and program development. Interns will develop and lead a series of interactive psycho-educational and skill-development workshops and monitor client’s developmental and educational progress. (Ideal for aspiring social workers, interested in child welfare).

 Women’s Empowerment Organize, lead and co-facilitate women’s groups for adolescent girls and adult women on courses related to conversational English or computer education – topics selected to raise self-esteem and self-worth and significantly improve the women’s professional and academic prospects. Organize group mentoring sessions, providing a forum for participations to connect their personal experiences with larger political issues, exploring topics of sexuality, gender, and social change. (Ideal for Women’s Studies or Sociology students, or those interested in a career in social work or education).
    Primary Education
Teach basic English or Math to children in under-funded primary government schools or non-profit setup educational programs. Design lesson plans, provide basic instruction, and evaluate students’ performance. (Ideal for aspiring teachers or anyone interested in education).
    Pre-School Education
Work in Indian 'Aanganwaaris' – support pregnant women and mothers of infants with enhanced resources and education; lead classroom activities and games that promote early childhood education and development. (Ideal for any student interested in social work, public health, or early childhood education and development).
· Special Needs Education and Development
Teach basic education and life skills to special needs children and young adults enrolled in special non-profit run schools and activity centers. Work with staff, clients, and families to develop individual treatment plans and monitor progress (Ideal for aspiring teachers or social workers interested in working with children with developmental disabilities).

·Research and Analysis
Work with local institutions and families to evaluative the effectiveness of interventions by tracking and outreach work in targeted communities Tracking variables commonly include educational progress, health status, awareness of and access to of public resources, and other social development indicators. This research becomes a valuable tool for local organizations to identify areas of progress, risk, or concern, and direct resources where most necessary. (Ideal for aspiring researchers or program evaluators in the field of social work, public health, or public policy).
· Environmental Projects
Work under the direct supervision of the directors of energetic environmental NGOs in both rural or urban areas. With the effort of reducing pollution and soil erosion, and making waters cleaner, interns will engage in project documentation and program development, educational interventions, and community advocacy. (Ideal for any student interested in public policy, community advocacy, or environmental studies).