Business Internships

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Especially in its rapidly developing urban centers, international corporations and small businesses are discovering that India is an indispensible consumer and labour market for much of the world’s globalized trade. For those students and young professionals interested in a career in business, technology, finance or accounting, an internship in the heart of India’s bustling metropolitan centers will open up worlds of opportunities. Interns can expect to gain practical knowledge through experience by working in a variety of prominent industries. As importantly, work experience in India will translate into improved familiarity with the Indian culture, economy, and way of life, giving interns a significant career advantage in any field connected to the Indian economy. Business internships are available in Delhi, Bangalore, and Jaipur. Some of the possibilities for business internships in India are listed below.

·         Marketing
Assist marketing departments in Indian companies with the development and execution of marketing projects.

international trade ·International Trade and Import/Export
Benefit from practical experience on how international trade is handled by import/export focused companies based in India, which is an increasingly important production center for international companies.

·information technologyInformation Technology
Work with Indian Information Technology companies in the areas of software development, graphic design and web-based technologies.

·finance and accountingFinance and Accounting
Work with financial institutions and accounting firms, acquiring practical work experience.

·Architecture / EngineeringArchitecture / Engineering
Assist architects and engineers in the development and implementation of construction projects.

medicineShadow and assist primary care physicians, dentists, or other medical specialists at private clinics or hospitals. Hospitality
Gain valuable work experience at renowned luxury hotels with opportunities to be involved in various departments in the business. ·Event Management
Assist event managers planning elaborate and large-scale weddings, corporate events, music concerts, or literature and art festivals.

·human resourcesHuman Resource Development & Training
Work directly with human resource professionals and trainers by helping to advance human resource capabilities in growing small businesses and large corporations.