Activities in India


Dare or die! Is what describes the adventure of India in the truest sense. India has been a destination for the all the adventure buffs since ages. The adventure sports here offer a break from the very obvious try out-shopping and sightseeing. Rafting, trekking and Camel safari are some of the adventure activities of India.

Alternating dense forests deserts and high mountains, the landscape of northern India are, by their variety, a cure for boredom. South India is no exception, since it also provides a good range of activities. Selected activities will of course depend on the season and the destination.



For all those who are ready to fight the tide can go for Rafting in India. The snow of the Himalayas melts down and flows fiercely in to the rivers, thereby proving to be perfect for the rafting lovers. Being one on one with the gush of the currents and the riotous waters gives the rafters an 'ultimate' experience. The Ganges, the Zanskar and the Teesta are some of the rafting zones in India which the adventure enthusiasts never try to skip. 



Himalayan ranges of India is what makes trekking in India so very happening. The activity of trekking brings with it several other delights. While trekking one comes to behold the scenic beauty of the mountain apart from the general ruggedness that one encounters. A trekkers also enjoys the day camping, cooking food by the fire and gazing at the stars from the tent roof at night. Trekking in Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Ladakh, Darjeeling and Karnataka is popular is very popular.


Wildlife Safari

Wildlife treasure that India boasts of is of unmatched kind. Watching the booming wildlife in India has always been viewed as an activity of great pleasure. The experience of spotting all your favorite wild creatures in their natural habitat, sitting on the back of a big tusker or on a jeep is what wildlife safaris are there for. Most of the wildlife parks in India avail the facilities of wildlife watching and bird watching on jeeps, elephants and other vehicles as desired by the tourists.


Camel Safari

Coggling on a camel's back is always exciting and a unique thing to try out when in India. The Thar Desert of Rajasthan and other places around like Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner grants the tourists with a great opportunity to enjoy the camel safari. If a tourist is well timed and happens to embark a visit to Rajasthan during the Pushkar or Nagaur fair, he can enjoy special camel safaris that are organized at this time. Apart from Rajasthan, Ladakh camel safari is also quite known. 



Have you ever thought how it feels to be on the top of a mountain, specially when you are in a place where the mountains are the major guards Not as yet, then what are you waiting for..get a pair of mountaineering boots and get set to say hello to some of the highest peaks on earth. Mountaineering experience is at its best when done in Manali, Ladakh or Sikkim. However April to November and December to March is considered to be the best time for optimizing a mountaineering trip. 


House boat Cruises (Kashmir, Kerala)

Be it a ride on a Shikara or on a large Kettuvalom – the special feeling one feels is of the same degree. The experience of an untold type has made the houseboat cruises in India so very popular. The houseboats are like mini houses equipped with the needed facilities. In Kerala houseboat cruises are an ideal way to explore the Arabian sea and the Vembanad lake. Cruising on a shikara in the Dal Lake of Kashmir gives an individual the opportunity to listen to what the shimmering water has to say.