Frequently Asked Questions

Internships are focused towards providing you with practical work experience in your field of study or career option. In addition, working in an international, culturally different work place, adds to your flexibility and adaptability, of working in diverse work environments. You get a preference later at job applications with such an international work experience.


Dress code at work place (Internship) is formal wear; men can wear western formal dresses to work. For women it depends on the work place, they can either wear western or Indian formal dress.

It is possible to do internship in other areas which are not listed on our website. We are constantly adding new organizations to our database and network hence it is possible that placement which you are looking for is possible. Please contact us with your preferred sector and we will get back to you with the possibility.


Depending on the program you are doing, your accommodation will vary. Participants on most programs stay with local host families or IECE house or a guest house. We ensure that your accommodation is safe and comfortable.


Our team provides support during the entire program duration. You may all your worried on us and we will take care of everything.


India is a safe country. Visitors can easily feel warmth and affection of people in India.  People are friendly and treat foreigners with respect. People are usually seen smiling, which is a friendly way of saying hello.


We always recommend our participants to consult doctor in their home country before leaving for India. There are some recommended vaccines, though it is advisable that you consult doctor for a complete knowhow. 


We advice all our participants to have a medical and travel insurance before traveling to India.  There are many companies who offer good insurance services

Yes. all our programs give ample opportunity to our participants to explore local area and be friends with local people. Over weekends, depending on the program you are doing, you can visit nearby tourist attractions. 


Yes, you will need visa for India. Please contact your nearest Indian consulate for particular visa requirements.



"I had a positive experience working with street children. The children were all lovely and charming. They made me think in a different way. My apprehension about how things will be, was soon taken ove"

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