Mentally challenged Children Project

In a country which is struggling to provide basic primary education and basic health services to its people who are affected with poverty, malnutrition and many other socio – development issues, taking care of mentally challenged children does not appear on the priority list. Community members along with parents have an apathetic attitude towards education and personal growth of special needs children. Added with poor funding in this area of social intervention, it becomes difficult to provide quality services and help to children.


Volunteers are of a great help by giving their time, energy, patience, love, care and affection, all at the same time to these children. One is able to see improvement in children in a short time when they receive personal attention and care.


Volunteers also help in creating awareness in community with respect to special need for these children. They help in encouraging parents to send their children to the center so that they can start their learning process and become independent to some extent.



Volunteer’s role and tasks:

Volunteers are required to give personalized attention to children, teaching them life skills, and helping them carry out basic daily activities.
-  Assisting teachers in completing assignments for the students. 
-  Organising education, fun activities, field trips for the children
- Visiting students’ homes for sensitization of the family towards their children with special needs. - Helping children build self confidence by keeping patience and teaching them to do things on their own.