Farm Stay


We organise rural farm stay at various locations in India. Come explore Culture & Traditions of untouched villages. Travellers can see a traditional farm, chat with our weavers and potters as they work, visit local school and watch local village women as they fetch water from well. Have fun decorating your hand & foot with Mehandi (Henna) and dress in local traditional style & enjoy our family atmosphere and home cooked meals using vegetables, fruits and milk products from our own organic farm.

Well, you can experience all of it in just few days time, at your own pace. A farm stay is a delightful way to spend a few days away from the maddening pressures of city lives, and also one of the best ways to experience rural India. They are very popular with travellers especially families who want a peaceful yet fun and educational way to spend their time in India.

The quite village offers a peep into a typical rural lifestyle. Villagers welcome guests with open arms and are generous to visitors. You spend time with the rural folk, learn farming principals in the fields, share the smallest of their pains and pleasures, and see the world from their innocent eyes. Guests can take an agriculture tour during which they can try their hand at planting or harvesting. You can witness daily village life, start your day with morning walk in the village, visit the houses to see and feel how the day in the village starts. Men give bath to their cows and milk them. The ladies of the house will light their hearths with cow dung and cook food. The village farmers plough their fields with bullocks; potters make vessels for storing water and other household items, dishes, jars. Watch village metal-workers casting, soldering and making metal things like Hammer, Sickle, garden tools, pots and common utensils used in the village kitchen. Visit local carpenters to see them carving traditional style furniture.  You can walk along the swaying mustard fields, take a ride on a tractor, take the cattle for grazing, feed the cattle or simply sit, relax and gulp down the fresh buttermilk in the green fields.

The farm offers a calm and peaceful ambience, pollution-free fresh air and the musical sounds of a variety of birds. Experience a different way of life, stay in traditional thatched roof cottages, wake up to the sweet chirping of birds, have home cooked food, immerse yourself in the local village activities.



Farm Stay activities

Tractor and bullock cart rides

Visit Village School

Religious temple

Village Milk collection centre

Village safari through neighbouring villages

Bird watching at the farm

Yoga classes

Swimming in the naturally-cleaned pool

Folk music & traditional dance performances by artistes

Cycling around the farm and neighbouring area

Learn traditional local Cuisine