Arts & humanities

Throughout history, India has always been known as a vibrant multi-cultural society, rich in diversity of thought, religion, music, art, and tradition. With an energetic highly independent media and over thousands of years of poignant artistic and musical expression, India is a perfect destination for students and young professions eager to immerse themselves in a dynamic society encouraging of creativity and free artistic expression. Working in India is certain to inspire new ideas and spark creativity among any student of the arts or humanities. Interns can expect to expand their creative and critical thinking skills through a variety of challenging internships placements in art studios, theatrical performances, institutions of journalism, or the rapidly growing film and television sector in India. Whether interns are interested in art, film, theatre, or journalism, there is a special opportunity in India for anyone who seeks to open themselves up to new way of thinking.

  • Arts
    Assist leading art designers in various fields of creative art production, including craft, print-making/block printing, sculpture, painting, and fashion.
  • Theatre Performance
    Shape the success of a theatrical performance behind the scenes as a management and production intern, or stand out center stage as a performer.



  • Journalism & MediaJournalism & Media
    Assist writers and editors of newspapers, journals, and magazines with the creation of quality journalism.

  • Journalism & MediaFilm & Television
    Shadow film and television directors and assist with writing and production.


    • Music Production & Management