IECE Internships

Internships offered by IECE are a great learning experience for individuals who wish to develop work related hands on work experience in a certain occupational field in a different work culture. Internships organized by IECE gives an opportunity to an individual to be involved in day today working of an organization, work on projects, share a close work relationship with people of different culture, experience rich Indian culture by getting involved in many cultural activities.

The best time to seek internship is when you are preparing for career while you are a student, or soon after graduating, or when you want to take a break from working in the same environment and get some international work experience. We offer a quality internship that not only enables our participants to develop their inter-personal skills and industry knowledge but provides an invaluable international experience that can not be obtained anywhere else in the world.
Our vast network of companies and institutions in India enable us to arrange quality internships at short notice that match your interests. We are fast, dedicated and are very particular in finding the right intern for the right organization.
IECE specializes in finding internship opportunities that are custom-made to satisfy your academic, professional and intellectual needs. We strongly feel that participants in our program should make an impact at their internship sites; it should be mutually beneficial learning process, through which the intern, partner organization, and the communities they serve, have the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop in dynamic and positive ways.
IECE offers more then just internships, we arrange for everything you need for your unforgettable experience abroad. We provide accommodation, meals, transportation, airport pick-up, visa support, travel advice and help with booking various trips and excursions during weekends, activities with other interns, cultural immersion workshops and a whole lot of other information and tips.
International Interns are placed and paid on basis of their educational background, skill sets and previous work experiences along with their area of interest. An Intern, who wishes to do internship in India, should be fluent in speaking English Language and should be keen to learn and work in a different environment and culture.

Internship Program duration
Internship lengths vary depending on the candidate. The minimum length is 4 weeks and maximum length generally is 26 weeks though it depends on individual work experience requirements. 

Internship Placement Process

  1. Get started by filling our internship application form. We want to cater to your specific requirement in terms of your personal skills, motivation, interests, education, academic and university requirements. We will first search an internship from our database and if do not find one then we will make it our priority to find the internship opportunity that suits you best.

2. After you have contacted us with an initial application, we will reply to you with an additional series of information requests. From this stage, a dialogue begins between you and a member of our applications team.
 3. Once we have received application form, CV/ resume and other additional information from you to understand your individual internship objectives, we will review your application materials and send you a confirmation within a week about your application acceptance. At this stage you will be required to make an initial deposit of Euro 250 for processing your application; this deposit will later be adjusted against your total internship program fee.  
 4. After receiving initial deposit, your application will be sent to a member of our placement team, who will be responsible for creating your customized internship placement. We will search our database to find a match between your requirements and available internships with us. If our team determines that there is not a good match within our existing database, we will contact organizations outside of our network to create an internship opportunity for you. Placement takes approximately 15 days.
5. If you feel that the work placement does not comply with the study program requirements or for some other reason, you are not happy with your placement, then our team will help you find another internship company once.
6. In the mean time, if you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.
7. Once you arrive in India, our team will pick you up from the airport and take you to the place where you will live during your internship. First few days, we will help you find your way in the city and the neighbor hood where you live. You will also take part in orientation program after your arrival to better induct yourself with your internship and your new environment of beautiful India.
8. During your whole stay in India, we will keep you informed about all the activities which are taking place in town and other events which are organized by us. We remain your contact and are available for support throughout your time as an intern in India.
Come discover incredible India while gaining valuable work experience!!!