Volunteering with Street Children

Heather, US

I had a positive experience working with street children. The children were all lovely and charming. They made me think in a different way. My apprehension about how things will be, was soon taken over by excitement of meeting children everyday. We did lot of fun activities together and was overwhelmed with their love. I will always be in touch to know about progress of these lovely children. India made me feel relaxed and so connected with small things in life. Thank you all.

Teaching Volunteering

Laura, Ireland

I can only say thanks for a wonderful experience, and as IECE team promised, at the start of the volunteer project, it was truly a life changing experience. Working with children was one of the best experiences. Staff went out of the way to do things for us and make us feel comfortable. It was amazing to see people work for long hours at difficult jobs and still keep smiling. There are lot of learning’s I am taking back home, along with memories of new friends.

Child Care Volunteering

Paul, Italy

Thank you for the best three months of my life. I will never forget India and wonderful people. I will come back again soon. It was amazing to see children learn and improve. Their progress was very encouraging. I never thought volunteering with children would be so easy and full of experiences. Once again thanks for all arrangements.

My Marketing Internship in India

John, UK

My time in India has been full of adventure. I always wanted to come to India but could not plan. Everything from landing at the airport to visits to local markets, it has been an experience within itself. People at my company, where I did marketing internship, were friendly and I always got invitations for dinner and to attend Indian weddings. They made me feel part of their families and took lot of interest in showing me Indian way of life.

Volunteering at Health Clinic

Isabelle, Australia

I felt everyone in the team was making an effort to make my stay a comfortable one. I could make good friends with team and work along with them. I felt cared for and safe during my time here. Food was really good; Indian street food is what I loved. Weekdays were interesting, while volunteering at health clinic and weekends, I enjoyed my trips to Pushkar, Agra, Jodhpur. Volunteering at health clinic was insightful. It felt good to see people coming to health clinic for our help. Thanks you all for a great experience.

Internship in India

Linda Turpin, UK

We had a great time in India, I am so glad I chose to travel with IECE, it was a great learning experience and it was really worthwhile spending my time working in India. It is difficult to say about India in few words as it is so different from my country, one can only visit India to experience the difference. I have made so many friends here, going back with lots of memories.