Sports and Physical Education

Cricket is extremely popular in India; it overshadows rest of the sports in this country.  You can find children on street with makeshift wickets, bat and ball, playing cricket in their free time. Even though children have desire to learn other sports or play them properly, they do not have opportunity to learn or get proper training. It is not surprising that physical education and sports are not on the priority list of schools which are under funded and under staffed. Authorities at the school struggle to accumulate resources for imparting quality education and hence find no time for concentrating on physical development requirement of their students. Even at schools where there is provision for conducting physical education programs, the activities and facilities are not adequately supported by resources or instruction. Most children miss out on the most important part of their childhood that is to play in a joyful way.


Volunteers play an important role to fill this gap, they not only play with children, they instruct them with physical exercises and activities which they must do everyday. Volunteers become role models for children and via various sports activities, children learn important lessons of team work, positive thinking, winning and losing both important concepts. This role of a sports teacher gives immense satisfaction to volunteers as they are always in the middle of excitement and laughter of children.



Volunteer’s role and tasks:

- As the name suggests, volunteers are required to become sports teacher for community children.
-  Teach community children various physical education based recreational activities.
- Set up recreational clubs and arrange sports tournaments and other organized activities in schools and community.
-  Teach children the importance of sports and physical education and nutrition based diet for overall well developed physical growth.