Management Consulting Internships

Management Consulting Internships
With India being one of the fastest growing economies, many multinationals plan to enter Indian markets or are already in India and are working towards making their mark here. Many medium sized companies and large sized organizations are working towards reconsolidation, restructuring, automation and Process development.  The Consulting Internships program will be an invaluable experience for interns with the growing economy and changing times. This will be a valuable internship for those who are planning to start their career as a consultant after graduation.
Interns join case teams and assist a full-time consultant. They work directly with case teams and clients to solve business problems. Interns will work in a dynamic, time bound projects, wherein they will be required to deliver results with support of analyzing data, compiling information and suggesting solutions. You will be amazed to see yourself grow in the field of inter personal skills, communication skills, flexibility to work in different environments, industry knowledge and various analytical skills you develop during your internship. You will have a sense of achievement after completing this internship program.
Some of the areas of consultancy –

  1. Professionalization of family run business
  2. Leadership identification, development and retention
  3. Human resource development and human capital nurturing
  4. Process development, reengineering and sustenance
  5. Brand Management
  6. Web based business and High impact digital marketing
  7. Information technology and automatic systems
  8. Customer relationship management
  9. Training and performance improvement
  10. Cultural propagation of quality and an execution culture
  11. Sales and business development
  12. Employee welfare and personal Holistic development

Salary: Unpaid

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