IECE Volunteer Experience

We at IECE take delight in offering the most unique and inspirational experience to our volunteers. Our Volunteer placements, host families or volunteer accommodations, transfers, cultural workshops, language lessons, orientation sessions, weekend trips; all activities have been  designed in order to create an unforgettable experience for our volunteers and enable them to familiarize themselves with Real India. Our Volunteering in India programs are experiences rather than just placements. Our Volunteering Programs are a unique combination of volunteer work coupled with cultural immersion and are an opportunity to see India through it various spiritual traditions.

While being on a volunteer project, you get an opportunity to become more engaged with the local culture and communities, at the same time you can provide direct and constructive contribution to people in need.  We provide hands on volunteering experience in India along with various possibilities of observing the real India from close quarters. As an established volunteering organisation, we are committed to supporting sustainable community development, while providing a life changing experience and numerous unforgettable moments. Volunteers work at variety of projects collectively carried out by various organisations and institutions. Volunteers support local government organizations to enhance the social services provided to the community, volunteers support IECE’s independent social development projects or IECE’s partner non-profit organization’s projects. We work with grass roots projects that have evolved to meet real needs in the local community - so you can be sure that you will be contributing your time to a worthwhile and rewarding cause, and can make a meaningful contribution to its growth and future well being.  Whichever project you are working for, you will get to see improvement and change during your tenure as a volunteer. You will be pleasantly surprised to see immense love, warmth, gratitude and support of local people at your project location. You will go back with lots of memories of beautiful moments and local friends.


Project Locations

Our project locations are very interesting places which offer a lot of opportunity to experience Indian culture, history and scenic beauty of snow capped mountains to beautiful beaches to complete contrast of golden sand desert. Not just that our project locations themselves offer many opportunities for sightseeing and cultural activity, they are also in close proximity to other famous locations of India.

Cultural Activities

All our volunteer programs offer various cultural lessons and workshops. These sessions are on varied topics which help volunteers understand Indian culture, customs and traditions. Interaction with local people and working with local communities enhance this experience. Field trips, local area sightseeing, cultural workshop along with locals, participating and celebrating local festivals adds up to Indian experience.  Learning how to cook Indian cuisine while practicing Yoga and meditation becomes a part of daily routine. Dressing up like locals, listening to Bollywood and local traditional music, a flavor of traditional dance are some of the captivating experiences.

Local Coordinators

We understand that one needs assistance of local people to work in a foreign environment and hence you will always find local coordinator ready to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Local coordinators not only help you in work areas or volunteer placements, but during free time assist you to carry out various cultural activities. They are friendly people who will make your Indian experience a memorable one.

Free Time

We know that lot of different activities need time to reflect and absorb. Our programs have a right balance of work, activities and free time on a daily basis. Volunteers can choose to be a part of some of the many activities offered. And even if they want to do all, they would still have time for themselves and to connect with friends and family back home. During weekends outstation travels are also designed in a way that they are relaxed. Opportunities to do activities are many at all project locations hence our local coordinators help volunteers to plan and organize activities for free time.

Accommodation and meals

Most of our project locations offer home stay with local people. Some of our locations offer volunteer housing wherein all volunteers stay together with local coordinator. All type of housing offer mouth watering home made local Indian meals. We choose Home stays over guest house or Hotels as staying with a local family is the best way one can live the Indian way of life and experience the centuries old Family traditions and Culture. We cautiously and after extensive work select home stay families, which are regularly evaluated on the basis of their ability to spend quality time with international volunteers.