Rural Rajasthan



The 'Desert Land of India' – Rajasthan, where dialect, food, music, dance, customs change every 100 kilometers. People and culture of Rajasthan add a splash of colour to rustic Rajasthan. The view of vast spread Thar Desert with Aravalis in the backdrop can fascinate even the most seasoned traveler. The state is dotted by legends of heroism and romance of the bygone era. The golden sand of the desert, the assortment of religions, the brilliance of architectural heritage, speak volumes of the unmatched beauty of the state.

The villages in Rajasthan have their own unique charm. One can observe the simplest form of lifestyle here. It is rather difficult to spot a village till you actually step upon it. People in the villages learn to survive even in the most difficult situations of life. They follow simple living pattern that has been unchanged over the years. The people live in circular huts with thatched roofs and walls covered with plaster of clay, hay and cow dung. An assortment of people from different communities living in the villages are divided on the basis of their profession. Every house in the village has a separate place for worshiping. The people offer prayers to the calender images of god to seek benevolence and protect them against all odds.

Though region of Rajasthan boast of a rich culture and history, life in villages is full of struggle and subject to socio-economic challenges. Basic amenities of life are missing and frequent droughts do not help the economic situations. Poverty, illiteracy, poor medical services, unemployment are some of the major social concerns. Despite the harsh conditions of a daily life, people and their cultures have adapted and flourished for thousands of years. One can be absolutely amazed at the hospitality and warmth of rural people, they have so little, still you find them always smiling and ready to share.