Environmental Projects Internship

Work under the direct supervision of the directors of energetic environmental NGOs in both rural or urban areas. With the effort of reducing pollution and soil erosion, and making waters cleaner, interns will engage in project documentation and program development, educational interventions, and community advocacy. (Ideal for any student interested in public policy, community advocacy, or environmental studies).
Social Development internship in following areas:
Public Health, Research and analysis, Orphanage Work, Women’s Empowerment Projects, Primary Education, Pre-school Education, HIV/ AIDS Projects, Environment, Sustainable development, Special Needs Education, Human Rights, Criminal Justice, Child Care, Water and Sanitation, Poverty/ Hunger, Health Care.

Intern’s Role and Tasks:
Intern’s role and tasks will depend on specific project and development area they chose. Though broadly mentioned below will be responsibilities of an intern.

  1. Coordination of Field Staff - Editing, correction, checking in field data forms.
  2. Review the present policy of organization and updating the existing Policies.
  3. Finishing daily administrative task assigned by Project Manager.
  4. Participating in on going projects of the Organisation, make field visits, prepare write ups, analyse data and prepare project report.


Salary: Unpaid

Interested in this Internship: Please send us your CV/Resume to info@iece.in. We will soon contact you.