Architecture Internships

Architecture Internships
If you're planning on a career as an architect, one of the best ways to get your foot in the door is through an architecture internship. Though an internship is in many ways identical to a full-blown professional post, it is best viewed as an extension of your formal architecture training. At the end of training, the intern will have a full understanding of how a professional architecture firm operates. The best reason to take up an internship is that it provides you with unique training opportunities and allows you to work in a hands-on environment in which you fully experience a typical workday as an architect, something you won't find in the classroom.
Intern’s Role and Tasks:
Project Management:

  1. Complete site analysis, climatic study, and analysis of various factor influencing and affecting a site
  2. Preparing design brief and producing different options to the given design brief.
  3. Calculating the project efficiency and coordinating with consultants to check its feasibility.
  4. Oversee the project life cycle of projects along with project team.
  5. Manage projects from conception through construction and completion.
  6. Conduct market research and facilitate design review and build planning meetings.
  7. Approve design specifications and develop purchase justifications for materials where necessary.
  8. Conduct site inspections to ensure conformance to design specifications and building codes.
  9. Oversee the completion of activities and communicate progress to stakeholders

Marketing responsibilities:

  1. Writing marketing literature
  2. Supporting the execution of marketing communications activities
  3. Drafting and editing articles, press releases, feature stories and information materials
  4. Support the production of promotion and communication materials (video, website, presentations)
  5. Support the production of printed materials and publications.
  6. Media monitoring

Salary: Unpaid

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