Marketing Internship

Marketing Internship
With India being one of the fastest growing economies, many multinationals plan to enter Indian markets or are already in India and are working towards making their mark here. Many medium sized companies and large sized organizations are working towards reconsolidation, restructuring, automation and Process development. These are exciting times for companies and businesses in India. As a Marketing Intern, you can choose to work from a range of industry to work in, though whichever industry you chose, you will definitely have an amazing experience of working in India. International working environment, calls for flexibility, openness and acceptability to different cultures and ways of working. This will be an extremely valuable experience which will reflect positively on your resume/ CV.

Intern’s Role and Tasks:

  1. Need to assist Marketing manager in branding, market research, competition evaluation.
  2. Creating and executing customized market research programs
  3. Plan and execute, or be a part of an on-going project at the organisation.
  4. Setting research objectives & Goals
  5. Program & Questionnaire Design, Data Collection, Data Preparation, Reporting and analysis
  6. Presentation to client and internal team members about ongoing project.
  7. Maintain liaison with management team, partner organization, project manager and team of executives.
  8. Studying about the potential clients and research on the internet
  9. Send emails to potential customers informing and providing info about organization.
  10. Make calls to potential client and elicit interest in organization services



Salary: Unpaid

Interested in this Internship: Please send us your CV/Resume to We will soon contact you.