Orphanage Assistance

Number of orphan children is increasing in India due to many reasons. Poverty, famine, drought, natural disasters and diseases like AIDs are some of the many reasons for this increase. Social pressure of having a girl child, migrant community without work for many days, adds to the above mentioned reasons. Children are same all over the world and so are their needs. Children need love, care, affection and support in order to reach their full potential and blossom. Some of these children get refuge in orphanages and shelter homes being run by government or non government organizations. Most of the children who reach these shelter homes are distressed, abused and denied of any kind of love at a tender age. Orphanages are often under-staffed, lack resources and hence are poorly managed, providing little room for personal attention to children.

Volunteer assistance in these orphanages will be a very valuable help for the staff and children. Children get an environment of love, care, fun and personal attention, which otherwise is difficult to obtain.


Volunteer’s role and tasks:

-    Help children to do their day today activities like, homework, preparing school notes, play games and teach them basic etiquettes.

-        Work on fun based project which enhance learning process of children.

       With ur love, care and attention, build self confidence of children who are slow learners or are troubled with their experiences in the past.

-      Organise educational field trips to zoo, museums, monuments and other fun places.

-     Help orphanage staff to get children ready for school and in other administrative work.

-     Teach children dance, music, craft, and games. Also conduct workshops explaining them importance of hygiene, nutrition and education.

-   You will experience freedom beyond teaching, where you will be encouraged to innovate, conceive new ideas to improve things.

-    You can develop special classes according to your interests and/or talents.

You as a volunteer in return will get rewarded with smiles, appreciation, lifetime memories and lots of love from these children. You will go back with a special connection to these children and would want to come back to see them facing the world with all their confidence and pride.