Immigrant Community projects

Migration in India is mostly influenced by Social Structures and pattern of development. The development policies by all the governments since Independence have accelerated the process of migration. Uneven development is the main cause of Migration. Added to it, are the disparities, Inter regional and amongst different socio-economic classes. The landless poor who mostly belong to lower castes, indigenous communities and economically backward regions constitute the major portion of Migrants. Poor people in search of work leave their villages and place of birth. With no education and particular skill set, most of them, after their arrival in big cities find it very difficult to survive.


In terms of employment, Construction is the largest sector in India after agriculture. Most of the employment in construction is migrant labour. The working hours are from sunrise to sunset. The work place is unsafe. The workers have no social security, compensation to injuries, access to drinking water, and health care. India has the world's highest accident rate among construction workers. With minimum wages, which is hardly enough to provide them and their families with three meals a day, there is no money for any other basic amenities.



Volunteer’s role and tasks:


There is need of lot of development work in these communities. Several immigrant communities are in need of help in the area of education, child care, health care and services, awareness against fatal diseases. Volunteers can work in informal schools, health clinics or work with help group on a specific health issue.


-     Volunteers will undertake informal education classes with children at community, play games, introduce them with different activities like creative arts, drawing, painting and create environment which gives children the opportunity to learn.

-       Teach them English language, mathematics, general awareness, geography and computers. This basic education will help them broaden their horizons.

-      Volunteers can plan educational or fun trips with children to picnics in gardens, zoo, museums and so many other places of interest and learning.

-     Volunteers are invited to participate in health awareness drives which take place in underprivileged communities. Volunteers take active part in disseminating information related to nutrition, fatal diseases, and health services available in the local health center. Volunteer educate community members about proper hygiene, Iodine deficiency disorders and healthy living practices.