Construction and Renovation Projects

In all work areas where IECE work, whether they are government primary schools, Day care center for young children, community slums, health clinics, community resource centers, immigrant communities, orphanages are all in need to repair, renovation and construction work.

We encourage our volunteers to engage in beautifying, renovating, cleaning and wall painting, constructing playgrounds, renovating sports facilities, making furniture for children (chairs, desks, benches), building toilets and community halls for gathering and carrying out social work.


Depending on the need and possibility of channelizing resources, we encourage community members along with volunteers to build facilities which are useful for creating a learning environment for children. Children get attracted to beautiful places which have animals, birds, and various cartoon characters drawn on walls. They like to go to school when they see there is an opportunity to play and get fascinated by sports facilities available.


Volunteers’ effort towards physical construction and renovation leaves an immediate impact on mood lifting of community members; they are able to open up and look forward towards other forms of social development.



Volunteer’s role and tasks:

-    Upkeep of health centers, community spaces, managing common areas in slums and community.

-     Painting and beautify schools, child care centers.

-     Construct playgrounds and other sports facilities

-     Build toilets and community halls

-    Build chairs, desks, benches and other items which are useful in schools.