Child Care volunteer Project

Volunteer help is required at child care centers run by government in underprivileged areas and rural areas. Child care centers were established by government to provide care for young children, pregnant women and lactating mothers. Government through these centers wants to provide basic medical services by way of nutritional supplements, vaccines, food to young children and mothers.  However, due to rapid increase in population and lack of resources, already under staffed, under funded and poorly managed child care centers are facing an immense challenge to keep up with their commitments. Lack of resources and under staff situations, further impact confidence level of community people, in help being rendered by these centers.

Importance and relevance of these child care center goes beyond young children and mothers. Often older siblings are not able to attend school because they are required to take care of the young ones. With young ones going to child care center, older siblings get the opportunity to attend school.


Volunteer’s role and tasks:

-       Ensuring maximum attendance by the children of the area to these centers through awareness building in the community.

-      Personal attention and care to the children coming to the center everyday.

-   Assistance to the local worker for record maintenance for each child based on health, vaccination, growth and nutritional condition.

-     Making and feeding the children a specially prepared nutritious meal everyday with the help of a local worker.

-     Continuous survey of all pregnant women and new born babies in the area for regular health check ups and vaccination.

-    Creating a colorful and enjoyable environment for the children with games, stories and other creative activities

-     Developing the motor skills of the little children by making them use their body parts in various games

-     Teaching English alphabets to the children and singing poems and rhymes.

-   Assisting the center staff in taking care of the kids in daily jobs, such as feeding, cleaning, clothing, teaching and playing games.